Patient testimonials

Patient satisfaction is one of our primary goals at Tennessee Orthopedics.
We strive to provide the best orthopedic care in our region.
Our patients' voices are the best at describing their experiences with us.
Below are testimonials from patients who we have helped through the years.
​Ronald Franklin

“Absolutely the best doctor ever.
Great staff and a good group of friends.
Love y’all.”
July 21, 2017

Jennifer Cook

“I absolutely love Dr. Terry and his medical assistant Shawna.
They are very knowledgeable about everything in their field
and also very compassionate to any concerns that you have.
His entire nursing staff is friendly
and they are all very easy to talk to.
Dr. Terry has been working on my orthopedic issues for almost 10 years
as well as my children and fiancé.
I would highly recommend him.”

“Roy and Shawna have gone above and beyond for me.
A 5-star rating is the least I do.”

January 27, 2017

​Cheryl Lewis

“Dr. Terry is my ortho guy!
He is excellent in his work.
He is so compassionate and caring. He’s skills are second to none.
Lebanon is fortunate to have a surgeon with the skill of Dr. Terry.”
June 27, 2017

Kenny Sullivant
Care Taker

“They are great!
Did a good job with the wife.
The nurse and Dr. Terry came out to make sure she could get into the car ok…
you don’t see that much in this day and time.”
July 13, 2017